Body Piercing

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The intricate art of Body Piercing can only be mastered through countless years of experience and knowledge. With each piercing, you learn something new, as everybody reacts differently to their piercing  So you would expect that after 50,000 piercings you would have a fair idea on how piercings should look and heal!

When it comes to body piercing, experience and knowledge can’t be compromised!
Our piercing professionals have over 20 years of experience and have seen it all. You can relax in the hands of our knowledgeable staff.

Here at street-wise we provide a range of piercing choices, that are as adventurous as our customers. Our Price List tab show just some of the piercings that we have been doing for over 20 years.

We take great care to ensure our piercing clients are well catered for and feel relaxed and comfortable when getting a piercing. We have a huge range of equipment to ensure we always have the best possible tools for the job! We offer a full piercing service, although we like to guide our customers in making a correct and safe decision and in doing so may refuse anything that we consider to be a ‘bad idea’. All piercings are supported with written after-care and a BZK solution. We would also like to assure our clients that we are always available to help with any post piercing enquiries!