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Shane Johnston – Director

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Shane Johnston

In October 1995, after attending the Gauntlet Piercer Training School in San Francisco USA, Shane opened New Zealand`s first body piercing studio. Located on Broadway Newmarket under the name of Body Piercing Specialists Ltd. This was later rebranded to Streetwise to differentiate ourselves from imitators.

The shop is still growing strong with the years of knowledge and experience behind it. To this day the shop is still New Zealand`s leading source of piercing information and safe practices to the body art community.

Shane worked as principal piercer in our Newmarket shop since 1995, his Master Piercer status came in 1999.


There are many intangibles when it comes to piercing. I will never lay claim to being able to make someone a professional piercer in 5 days. After 20 years of piercing I am still learning and there is just no substitute for experience. I can teach safe practices and share my techniques and tips that have done me well (thanks to Gauntlet). I have trained piercers Nationwide since 2003.


Working on anybody in a body art capacity is an absolute privilege that must never be forgotten.

The most important party here is the recipient not the practitioner. Protocols about hygiene and procedures must be what’s best for the recipient.
The practitioners role is to be a trustworthy guide and get the recipient to completion of their project/journey.

On completion of the project the practitioner moves on to guide somebody else and the recipient learns to live with their new acquisition.


I pledge to provide the best safe practices available in a body art shop today. I will run a total sterilisation tracking system for every client and educate all my practitioners.
The irony is that those who pay particular attention to safety just happen to be the best practitioners also.

I will invite all piercers who have trained with me over the years to get in touch so I can put you on the list of piercers that I will endorse as having had some training.