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So you’ve just got a fresh piercing or tattoo?

Heres a useful guide on how to take good care of it and ensure that it heals the way it should!

Tattoo After-care

  • If you have some form of dressing, remove it after 1-hour or when safe to (at home).
  • Wash your tattoo gently with warm water.
  • Pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Apply anti-septic cream, twice daily for one week, then once daily until healed.
  • Dont pick or scratch
  • Avoid soaking in a bath and shower instead, it is very imporant to keep the tattooed area clean!
  • Keep out of the sun, saunas, public pools and anything dirty.
*Each artist have their own method of tattoo care, these are ours.

Piercing After-care (PDF File)